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Surplus value for life

You are in a living space thinks of you much more than you.

Sales Office 0312 483 03 03

life starts with sale & rental options

Move to ONE TOWER now, focus your future plan on gain.

Here, happiness starts when you had it, its value increases as you live.

Thanks to One Tower's Residence services and the social facilities it has, you are in a living space thinks of you much more than you! One Tower Diplomatique with its services such as security, valet and concierge as well as children's club, indoor swimming pool, sauna and sports center; becomes a project, in which peace and comfort reach a peak and prepares everything before you think about.

Your curiosity about different sports branches is always alive in this living space! One Tower, which doesn't allow any excuse to move away from sports thanks to all of its possibilities from chess to swimming pool, from pilates to basketball court, is hosting a quality enjoyment under your roof.